Here it's always
barefoot season.
The best pedicures always start with soft feet.

There’s nothing like the freshly smoothed, polished, and prepped feet feeling to head into summer vacays — lounging by the pool with confidence, or walking barefoot on the beach with.

How it all began.

It’s simple, but savoring summer is our main inspiration here at Bare August. We wanted our foot-care essentials to feel like a summer spa retreat, not a trip to the doctor’s office. So we sourced natural ingredients and innovative designs to create our at-home pedicure system, all wrapped up with an air of the best month of summer to help us all feel smooth, confident, and like the beach queens we are — no matter where we are or what time of year.

Affordable Luxury

Treating yourself
should be a breeze.


Cheers to all
of our sole sisters.

Staying Smooth On-The-Go

Essentials that are easy
to use and travel well.

Our Founding Sole Sister

The best products always stem from real-life needs. And with self-care, our founder Kristen knows the struggle of finding those that feel and look as good as they work. With prior experience building brands of beauty and self-care, Kristen knows just how to work in those personal touches and details women need and love. She believes our feet deserve to be pampered like the rest of our bodies and is passionate about bringing you a foot-care line that stands out from the shelves.